How To Convince Real Estate Agents That Blogging Is Good For Them

We all know that most real estate agents are employed by brokerages, and many brokers still do business the usual old-school way.

Today’s brokerage firms need to promote the fast-rising art of blogging to their individual brokers, because it enhances both the agents’ and the brokerage firm’s Web visibility, which means that they’ll be able to corner more deals and widen their customer base

How Real Estate Firms Can Convince Their Brokers To Blog

In order to get a firm’s individual brokers to embrace the art of blogging, a real estate company needs to convince agents, in layman terms, that blogging helps to enhance their marketing and lead generation capabilities.

A real estate firm also should be able to provide education and coaching to help overcome the major hurdles that blogs present to brokers, which are: Learning the blogging application, writing content, and understanding how to develop a successful blog through networking and other methods.

A real estate company must also be able to provide a system wherein their agents would only need write one or so articles per week, instead of forcing them to write 3 to 5 articles per week that are usually the norm of a lot of real estate blogs. Another good method of enticing individual agents to blog, is for the company to create a new type of blog-enabled Web site that aggregates a number of its agents writing blog articles, so each agent doesn’t have to write so much.

Entice Agents To Have Their Own Blogging Sites Too

A brokerage firm could also encourage their agents to have their own blog properties, as this will help them in the long run to be their personal marketing medium for the rest of their career. A multi-user blog platform would also let individual agents to develop their own personal blogs for marketing while contributing to a main broker blog as well. The blogs they personally maintain would serve as their “portable” marketing vehicle, which is what most agents will want.

Let Brokers Know The Potentials Of Blogging

It’s also nice to let individual agents realize that through blogging, they could help provide prospective home buyers authoritative and quantitative data about houses, whether it be data about square footage, number of rooms, etc, without telling them yet what the house is really worth. Bloggers can help fill that niche with “qualitative information.”

Industry experts view that blogs sites help empower consumers, by allowing them to make better home purchase decisions, obtain services at a better price, and find better agents and consultants as well. It may even help them reduce that typical 6 percent broker’s commission when they sell a property.

Blog sites could also serve as independent housing industry watchdogs, that will warn buyers away from crooked or incompetent brokers or overpriced new homes. These blogs can also let buyers know that a neighborhood may not be safe, or that an area is close to a noisy factory, or that airplanes fly directly overhead during early morning.

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